Local NJ / BOCO

Homies from both my homes have been droppin some fire to heat up your now.

Robotic Pirate Monkey with some riot music - 

Shahroz with a full length hip hop album for free

Grayson Erhard of Aspen Hourglass slappin creativity in an acoustic realm - 

Boulder roommates TYR and Tip-Z ganged up on this remix - 

…and here’s just some nonsense from two entertaining nimrods, Watkin’s Empire and Spoken Emotion


"Toss It In The Cauldron" due soon, but not before it bumps.

Oh and while we’re here, I stumbled across this today and made me miss Boulder:

In the meantime…

What’s up in the empire?

Toss It In The Cauldron - 3 track dubstep/dnb/trap influenced EP sent out for mastering and seeking label representation for release.

Insert Rapper - 11 track hip hop album entirely self-produced/written/performed, aimed for early 2013

Currently Untitled House Release - 3 or 4 house tracks that have come together facing final mixing, mastering, and release in early 2013

Rerelease of Allusions to Grandeur w/ guitar & vox

In the meantime…

The Pilot Kids dropped a video for their new single “Million Bucks,” fusing hip hop, dubstep, and heavy metal.  Check this insanity:

Here’s a teaser for Shahroz's album, droppin 12.4.12:

My good friend Stevi Incremona will be singing on my hip hop album Insert Rapper, here’s her goin nuts on a Beatles cover:

…and last, but certainly not least - BioLogic goes ham, rather, goes prosciutto on this freestyle over Childish Gambino's Freaks and Geeks.

"I’m like a pediatrician, I have such little patience." - BioLogic

Breaking the Silence

It’s been 4 months since my last post, I’ll attempt brevity.

Sophomore year at University of Colorado at Boulder I bought Ableton (music production software).  Four years later reveals my first release, Allusions to Grandeur.

Preambling Allusions… came a chillstep remix of Frank Ocean's Acura Integurl

Return to NJ post-graduation dosed anxieties with real life obligations.  Cynics call it Peter Pan syndrome, romantics call it passion - no matter the nomenclature, I’m making moves to earn a living from music.  

I recently landed a position at Sounds to Go DJs where I’m workin my way up to DJing weddings!  A different direction, I know, but sounds like a good time.  

Snag my Top 40’s House mix here.

December should release Toss it in the Cauldron, featuring trap influence and whale samples. Zack Spakowski (artist of Allusions to Grandeur cover) will supply the visual.

Despite recent surgery I am ignoring some bizarre side effects to finish production on my entirely self-produced, written, and performed (excluding featured artists) hip hop album, Insert Rapper.  

My dubstep reflects hip hop influence, expect the relationship to invert. 


Scrolled down the coast for two gigs in Talahasse, Florida with The Pilot Kids late October.  20 hour non-stop road trip lent an hors d’oeurve for tour life.  

We’ll be back for the entree.  

Like The Pilot Kids’ on Facebook to stay up on the release of the Million Bucks music video.  The tune fuses hip hop, heavy metal, and dubstep, I kid you not.

12/8 - You can catch me at The Barking Dog in College Park, Maryland dropping nearly an hour of unreleased material with live guitar and vox (singing/rapping).

What happened to acoustic Dave?

Guitar, bass, and drum arrangement/recording set to begin in January.  Until then here’s some Hurricane Sandy sentiment:

So much for brevity.

Oh, and BioLogic’s been killin it.

…and you’re gonna wanna hear Shahroz deliberate on Malcolm X.

…and while you’re at it, check out this collaboration I connected between Gregory Perrin and Spoken Emotion.

Allusions to Grandeur Release Date Pushed Back, sorry guys.

Sorry to keep you waiting but before I left Boulder, CO I had local producer homie Balthazar take a peak at my project files to poke in critiques and show me a few tools.  Further delay comes as a result of a car accident I was involved in this past Wednesday where I was run off of I-80 by a pickup truck pulling a trailer.  

Quick synopsis of the event:

As a result of the incident a car load of music equipment and other belongings I had been parading back to the east coast are now in the hands of UPS and won’t reach here until Wednesday.  Out my studio monitors (production speakers), I will be slaving on lyrics and workin on bringing some a capella rap/spoken word videos your way.

In the mean time please enjoy some tunes from Balthazar

Oh and got some fresh pics from that last gig @ Watkin’s Empire Facebook Page, here’s one:

(…bout to do the worm.)

Last Gig in Boulder - Saturday @ The Underdog

On 8/8/12 my lease here in Boulder runs out and new chapter begins back on the east coast - but not before one last shebang.

This Saturday at the Underdog will reveal the tracks on my forthcoming dubstep EP “Allusions to Grandeur" along with a handful of hip hop beats & lyrics assigned to a full length release due for autumn.  A due date has yet to be set for a house release I’ve been constructing, but catch those tracks and a few more tunes this Saturday at the Underdog with Kommon Interests.

All in all there will hip hop, house, & dubstep with live guitar, vox + special guests - I’ve been working hard so you won’t be disappointed.

See you then?
-David DiGioia

Oh and I spammed Facebook with this but never got around to making a blog post - Watkin’s Empire ft. Spoken Emotion live and in color at The Colorado Daily?

~ Promotional Mixes ~

I recall the cornerstone moment in middle school when I submitted and committed to pursuing a music career.  At this point in time I debated whether to focus on a assignment for class or to finish laying the the lyrics to a guitar riff I’d written.  I reached the decision that the latter would have a more lasting influence in the long term, and so that’s what I did.

Now while finishing up the last few credits I need to graduate from University of Colorado at Boulder, electronic music production and DJing have momentarily become priority in a list of musical talents including guitar, bass, piano, singing, and rapping.  Although my passion weighs heavier on original production, composition, and performance, at this particular point in time the immediate future shows promise in mixing popular tracks - with any luck I’ll be en route to Vegas the last day of class to play a few night clubs and make a quick buck!

Work ethic transfers between the lot but time is divvied too.  In spite of this limitation, I still found myself sucked into my perfectionist mindset when molding these necessary promotional mixes.  I’m not saying they are perfect, but all in all I’m proud of what came out and I think you’ll enjoy ‘em!

Track lists are available on the Watkin’s Empire SoundCloud.

If you enjoy what you hear please pass it on!  I appreciate your support,
David DiGioia

P.S. There are some really good local tracks on the post prior to this, I think you’ll like what you find when you scroll down ;)

Thrifty Throwback Thursday @ K’s

My Thursday residency @ K’s China has settled on a title - Thrifty Throwback Thursdays.  Swing by between 10:30-11:30pm to get your first well drink or domestic draft on the house and stick around of a mix covering multiple decades w/ live guitar!

I can’t stress enough how much your support is appreciated, thank you.

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus from acoustic gigs but here’s a lil clip of me @ Folsom St. Coffee Co for Boulder’s Big Time! (the first Monday of every month where various artists are given short slots to perform)

Be sure to check out some other local Boulder artists - 

Today @ The Colorado Daily HQ
A recent reaction to a mention that I rap was “Your not gonna be the next Bieber.”  Let’s hope not.
Here’s a lil animation from today’s sesh @ Second Story Garage, a new musician interview segment brought to you by the Colorado Daily.  As it turns, the journalist who wrote the story on me in their February 24th issue (I know the date cause it’s pinned on my wall, catch the article here), Ashley Dean, was down an act for today.  The original guest had caught a case of something opening a gap for me and Greg Houston to slip in. 

Get well soon other artist, and check back for updates on the official release of the videos.
Hip Hop Hijinks @ The Goose - Recaps and Foreshadows

What a day.

Dustin Chernick aka BioLogic gave us his all for his last performance in Boulder before he’s homeward-bound to begin working at the Seattle Children’s Research Institute.  Not only can the dude rouse a crowd, he also graduated with honors in his biology degree (hence BioLogic, duh).  Though he’s gone for now I bet our paths cross down the road.

Like BioLogic on Facebook to stay posted on details surrounding the release of his first album, Lucid Dreams, set for June 12th (his friggin birthday!).

If you missed the last post, catch the music video for BioLogic's Beautiful Night below…

After BioLogic's set Paris Hayes seduced our perspectives to look through a feminine lens at the possibilities in hip hop.  

Her set began with the title track off her EP, Better Woman, due for release July 11th.  Not only did she bare her soul in each song, she absolutely murdered her freestyles.  Peep the music video to her closing track, "Let Go" below… 

Closing out the show proper, The Glitta Kings ft. Kallen Ford aka Progress took the stage.  The duo, consisting of Jordan “Funny Biz” Polovina and Quinn “Topiq” Lynch is unfortunately disbanding - but for good reason.  Long time friend Kallen Ford recently left The Microphone Militants in pursuit of his solo career as Progress and to lend efforts to their new trio, Boys from Home.

I know a lot of names were dropped in that last paragraph but trust me, your gonna wanna remember them - if you were @ The Goose on Saturday you know why.  

Here’s a goofy track, a bit deviant from their normal style but undeniably catchy.

Peep their last EP, available for free download, below, and get stoked for June 14th when the Glitta Kings' release their next album @ Shooters on Pearl St..  

This will be their last hurrah before transforming to Boys from Home

(Kallen Ford aka Progress on the right, I definitely met the other dude but forgot his name, sorry boss.)

Having started this article en media res, I return to the opener, yours truly.  If you’ve been following this blog or are on the mailing list ( hop on @ http://WatkinsEmpire.com/) you’ve heard me pluggin the Allusions to Grandeur dubstep EP for about 6 months now.  

In concordance with the title’s insinuation, my original mix contained elements combatting one another rather than complimenting them - like cocky, arrogant guidos at a bar with a bad ratio.  

Now I’m seeking synergy in the symphony, which should be balanced and packaged next month.  Expect album art by Zack Spakowski, the artist of this logo:

Those tracks among many more unreleased homegrown dubstep, house, and hip hop filled the first hour and I’m pumped on the reaction it solicited.  Always a trip hearing my tunes on a professional system (courtesy of Kallen Ford's Audioshift Productions).

Another gig down, catch me next week on Thursday @ K’s China!

Oh yeah, almost forgot - I made an audition mix for The Goose’s 2080’s Night, a night featuring the best music of the 80’s, 90’s and today!  Download it below…

Double Dose this Week